The Endeavor-class (or Endeavour-class) was a type of Federation starship in service in Starfleet. (Star Trek: Brave New Worlds, Star Trek Online)


In 2381, a Borg cube remnant scanned several ships, including the USS Atlantis-E, and identified it as an Endeavor-class starship. (Star Trek: Brave New Worlds: "Cybernetic Heartbeat")

In 2410, the class maintained impulse engines on its saucer section was designed to be operational even when the saucer section was docked to its primary hull. (Star Trek Online)



Background informationEdit

  • On the Star Trek: Brave New Worlds message board forum threads and website archives, the Atlantis was depicted using images generated from a 3D Studio Max fan mesh created by Netherlands native Chris 'CJ' Brandhorst. The mesh was shared at in the early 2000s. The 3D file was entitled USS Cantell. [1] [2]


Cantell variant (2381)Edit


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