"End of the Shakedown" is the first story written about the USS Shiloh, which was originally part of the Star Trek: Shiloh fan fiction website but is now part of the Star Trek: Black Hawk fan fiction website. This story was re-written for publication in the STARFLEET fanzine Stellar Visions as "End of the Shakedown: The True Story".

The tale starts just after the completion of its shakedown cruise, where the Shiloh is directed to participate in the commemorations of the anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Shiloh at the well-preserved Shiloh National Park in Tennessee by actually landing at the park. While on final approach to land near the Hornet's Nest, the Shiloh disappears through a tachyon field and is thrown back to 6 April 1862 where the real Battle of Shiloh is being fought. The Shiloh is able to pull up without anyone noticing its presence below and enters orbit. As it completes its first orbit the crew notices that the tachyon field has reappeared. Higdon decides to chance landing in the middle of a battle by starting landing procedures. When they reach the tachyon field it sends them back to only moments after they disappeared and the Shiloh touches down at Shiloh Military Park.

Special notesEdit

The original story End of the Shakedown was written in celebration of the commissioning of the USS Shiloh, as a chapter in good standing in STARFLEET.

The coordinates given in the story (zero-eight-eight-mark-twenty north, by zero-three-five-mark-eight west) is the exact longitude and latitude coordinates for Duncan Field and was supplied by USNPS Ranger Brain McCutchen.

The members of the USS Shiloh performed public service work at Shiloh by cleaning monuments. One of the monuments that the Shiloh members cleaned is located near the coordinates given.

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