The Emdor-class starship was a type of Federation antimatter tanker created by Starfleet in the 2370s, the class and the prototype named for Emdor, a moon located in Federation space. All Emdor-class vessels were named for Federation moons with indigenous names. (Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia)

The Emdors weighed in at 800,000 metric tonnes (fully loaded) and 147,382 metric tonnes dry, each with a crew of 74 (9 officers and 65 crew). The vessels measured 13 decks in height, 305 meters in length, had a maximum cruising speed of warp 8.7 and were armed with a torpedo launcher and 4 phasers.

This class was engineered from spare Nova-class spaceframes during the Dominion War's early days to supply antimatter to ships being hurriedly mobilized for the front lines. Although technically classified as auxiliary vessels, every single Emdor class tanker received two or more battle stars for wartime combat service, including a record four stars awarded to USS Ragronok. Tankermen often took on dangerous duty during combat situations to secure the deadly and volatile cargo aboard their ships, many being exposed to heat, radiation, and enemy fire.

Starfleet tankermen

Tankermen engaged in the unpleasant - and dangerous - task of manually remagnetizing damaged antimatter tanks.

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