Elwar Murin was a female Bajoran active as a Bajoran Militia general in the early 25th century.

Around 2400 she sat on a post-incident board of inquiry into an attempted True Way bombing in Wyntara Mas Province, which had been stopped at the cost of the lives of three Militiamen and a Starfleet Intelligence operative. She wrote the resulting recommendations for medals herself.

In 2412 she held the post of Commandant of the Bajoran Militia and the corresponding rank of General of the Bajoran Militia. In July that year, she visited the funeral of Sobaru Lanstar in the city of Hathon, and complained about the injustice of Starfleet's official description of the Battle of Goralis as a "training exercise gone wrong". (The War of the Masters: "The Only Way to Go")

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