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"Trust me, I’m terrified. But when I was in basic Gunny Elwar used to tell us, ‘Soldier goes into combat and he ain’t scared, he’s either dead or stupid.’"
Lieutenant (JG) Kanril Eleya on her former drill instructor (Bait and Switch: "From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

"Gunny" Elwar was a Bajoran Militia soldier who worked as a drill instructor at Camp Li in 2397. He held the rank of gunnery sergeant.

Kanril Eleya trained under him during boot camp and later commented that she hated it when he called her "girl". At boot camp graduation Elwar informed her of her assignment to Space Arm and the RBS Kira Nerys. (Bait and Switch: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I")

The quote Kanril attributes to Elwar is a reference to the Babylon 5 episode "GROPOS".

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