Elran Nel was an Andorian MACO officer that operated in the 2150s and 2160s, most notably on the first starship Daedalus and on Poseidon NCC-07. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

Early LifeEdit

Elran grew up on Andoria with intentions of being an artist. But unfortunately he was drafted into the Andorian Guard and placed into the school of tactics for the years humans would consider "high school". He became a highly decorated student within the demolitions department. He scored well in marksmanship and leadership as well. He graduated with the highest Imperial Commendation that can be given to an AIG grad: the one for Conspicuous Gallantry.

Elran deeply followed the stories and developments involving the Andorian Shran and his exploits with Captain Jonathan Archer. Due to Archer's dedication to a galaxy for all species, Elran enlisted with MACO. Due to his experience in the AIG, he received the rank of Sergeant upon graduation from West Point. For the better part of two years, he helped instruct new Marines at West Point as well as in Atlanta. Then the war came.

Earth-Romulan WarEdit

He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and led demolitionist teams in six battles of the war. After it's conclusion, Elran received a private communique from Starfleet Commodore Kyle Weymark. Weymark informed Elran that he was to be promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant and serve aboard Starfleet's newest and most advanced starship: the Daedalus.


While aboard Daedalus, there was an apparent mutiny, and the human supremacist group known as Terra Prime took control of the ship. Elran was beaten and taken to the Observation Lounge on the bridge to be questioned and subsequently executed. Fortunately, the MACO team from the NCC-07 Poseidon burst through into the chamber, and killed Elran's would-be executioner.

Shortly thereafter, Daedalus was destroyed, and Elran was without an assignment. That was changed when the newly-promoted Commander Chris Clow promoted him to the rank of Major and gave him the Commanding Officer position of Poseidon's MACO team.


Elran served aboard Poseidon with distinction in a number of crises. The first was a plot that involved Captain Ian Peters' disappearance, and the second involved averting the retroactive destruction of the Federation's founding worlds against The Eye. When Poseidon was destroyed following that incident, Elran was transferred to Janus Loop and promoted to Major, where he served with Matt Clow for a year.

Elran is a passionate and sometimes extremely violent soldier, but one thing that you can be sure of is that he will accomplish any mission put forth to him.

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