Ella Donares was an intelligence agent for Section 31, up until her death in early 2598. Due to an accident in 2597, Ella became able to see brief glimpses of the near future. She had three visions, but no-one believed them. In the first of these visions, Ella had seen a group of lonely wanderers who had been on a "devastating trip... across the stars and the infinite void of space between galaxies". This came true when a Saer'nar crusier of the Saer'nar arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 2598 a few years ahead of the rest of the Saer'nar fleet which was still due to arive in the year 2600 Her second vision was of "an unthinkable attack... by unimaginable creatures". This also came true when the Saer'nar attacked a Federation world. No-one knew what the third vision was, but it was left with Section 31's files in an unidentified location. (PIO: "On a Knife Edge")

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