Elizabeth Cutler was previously assigned to Enterprise NX-01 under the command of Capt. Jonathan Archer.

Bill Stiles specifically requested her due to her experiences onboard “Enterprise” as well as her extensive background in dealing with unknowns, her duties as a medical tech under Dr. Phlox, and her complete dedication to her profession. She was relied upon to provide help in many unknown situations that will be obstacles to “Yorktown” as well as assisting / mentoring Dr. Joyce Callison in regards to alien species and life forms. Lt. Cutler relates to aliens easier than she does to humans, and sometimes was seen as being odd and not always welcomed by her peers in social settings. She was also seen as an irritant / threat by Dr. Callison, partly due to their age differences (i.e. Cutler mentoring an older, more experienced Doctor on matters that are totally new to Dr. Callison and also Dr. Callison saw Cutler as someone to be jealous of in regards to Captain Styles) and their experiences. (Star Trek: The Romulan Wars)

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