"Red Queen" Elita

In the mirror universe, Elita was a dark-tempered young woman who ran the Pleasure Pits on Risa. She also operated the Black Hand, a covert operations group of agents handpicked from among the "girls of Risa"--informally known as "Risa's Amazons"--who conducted undercover missions of intelligence, sabotage or assassination, for whoever paid their price. A dealer of bed secrets, Elita amassed a fortune of wealth and power, monitoring and influencing events through her "contacts". She often wore red (her favorite color), earning her the title "Red Queen". She virtually owned Risa and protected it with impenetrable security systems, permitting her to maintain political neutrality.

Most did not know that Elita was Stephen April's half-sister, the child of Eli April (after whom she was named) and the Cardassian wife of Gul Edet. The Obsidian Order surgically altered her in order to infiltrate the Terran resistance, before the rise of the second empire. Due to the rebel victory over the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, her "mission" was deemed a failure. After the Obsidian Order collapsed (the work of the Overlords), she was forced to live as a "Terran". While she detested the Empire (but never challenged it openly), her feelings for her half-brother were ambiguous--she seemed to love him and hate him at the same time. (Star Trek: New Empire)