Elisto Plazzi served as chief science officer of the USS Gibraltar (NCC-1859). Plazzi was a good-natured officer, well-liked by his peers, with a quick wit and no apparent allergies to hard work or away missions. (Star Trek: Gibraltar)

Starfleet retirementEdit

In 2360, after several years of service, Plazzi retired from Starfleet. He went to teach planetary geology at UC Berkley.


Because of the massive loss of officers and crew during the Dominion War, Plazzi was forcibly reinstated into Starfleet.

USS GibraltarEdit

In February of 2376, Plazzi was assigned to this ship as chief science officer. Soon, however, he returned to retirement. He offered his position to Ensign Kuenre Shanthi.

Memorable quotesEdit

I’m a Starfleet officer, not a lemming.

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