Elena was a Section 31 Agent in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2380, she and Nelkast were posing as Starfleet command-level officers aboard Starbase 55. ("Particle Mechanics", "Possible Regret") From 2380-2384, Elena and Nelkast were still working out of Starbase 55. ("Dimensions", "A Tholian Encounter", "Transphasic Meltdown", "Forbidden Crossing, Part I")


A good portion of her career was assigned to Starbase 55, where she would work closely with Agent Nelkast. The two were a replacement for Admiral Theseus, whom worked for Section 31, but was believed to be a loose-canon for the organization. Both Elena and Nelkast were ordered to watch the USS Phoenix-X closely, and give them missions for the agency.

The missions of top-secret both she and Nelkast gave out to the Phoenix-X would usually seem honorable and exploratory for a Starfleet ship, but would always end up serving a deeper more sinister purpose for the organization.

Elena is the more assertive of both she and Nelkast; essentially "wearing the pants" of the working relationship.

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