Elaine Bartholomew (nee Garrett) was a human female, born in the 2320s in Greenwood on the Plymouth Colony. As a young adult, she met and married Roger Bartholomew, and moved to Luna, where she worked as a registered nurse. Her sons Ben and Jason were born there in 2341 and 2343.

Elaine retired from nursing sometime in the 2350s, but returned to her career after Jason's death in 2383. As of 2385, she worked at Aldrin Memorial Hospital in Tycho City. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Children of the Burning Heart", A Stranger No More, "Hidden Valleys")


  • In photomanipulations created for Star Trek: Pendragon, Elaine Bartholomew was "played" by Tricia O'Neil, who also portrayed Captain Rachel Garrett in the TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise". It is assumed that the two characters are related, though exactly how is unclear.

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