The El Dorado-class was a Federation heavy frigate in use during the 24th century. The first vessel entered service in 2364.

Design featuresEdit

The El Dorado has a circular saucer that is connected by a short neck to a engineering section with a roughly oval cross-section. It has three warp nacelles mounted dorsally on the engineering section, with the middle one positioned slightly forward of the outside pair.

The El Dorado, like the Akira-class, was designed to function as a carrier. It has two large shuttlebays located in the saucer section's port and starboard sides. Both bays have large doors on the saucers leading edge and projections to port and starboard that hold the landing bays. Repair bays connect the side and forward bays. This gave the ship the ability to carry up to twenty-five Starfleet attack fighters.

This ship's phaser arrays are split between the saucer and the engineering sections. Each section has an array on the dorsal and ventral sides. There is also a fifth array that is located on the engineering hull where it joins to the saucer section so it is concealed unless the ship is separated.

The torpedo launchers are arranged with two facing forward and one aft. They are all located on the engineering hull. (LUG RPG: The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

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