Efrosian male, blind


USS Saratoga helmsman


Efrosian male, non-blind

The Efrosians are a humanoid species with red/orange skin, forehead ridges and white/blonde hair. They are members of the Federation, serving both in Starfleet and Federation government.

Due to their unique evolution, a majority of Efrosians are born blind. When traveling off their homeworld, they often need to use devices to see, such as special glasses.

One of the most famous Efrosians was Federation President Ra-ghoratreii, who served from 2289 to 2300. In 2293, he was closely involved with the Khitomer Accords.

It is rumored that addressing Efrosians by name is an insult to their religion, though obviously those in the public light don't always follow this. Other races are known to refer to Efrosians as Ateniods or Atenids, the same way some races call humans "Earthers" or "Terrans".

Notable EfrosiansEdit

Played by actor Kurtwood Smith.
Played by actor Nick Ramus.
Played by fan actor Edward C. Tunis III
  • So-Larynesette (blind) - 23rd century starship captain
  • Ra-Yalix (non-blind) - Foreign policy advisor, Jaresh-Inyo's administration
  • Hu'Ghrovlatrei (non-blind) - Late 24th century Starfleet admiral



The name for this species never appeared in any script, dialogue, or production graphic. It was noted, however, in Paramount's initial publicity photos for Star Trek IV.

The name "Efrosian" was invented by Kirk Thatcher, an associate producer on Star Trek IV, in honor of unit production manager Mel Efros. Probably based on the publicity photos the name was then picked up and used in the Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update to the FASA role-playing game system to describe the species. Although never formally adopted by Paramount beyond the publicity photos (the Star Trek Encyclopedia, for example, goes out of its way to avoid using the name) the name has been popular with fans.

In 2003 Decipher issued a book for their role-playing game called Aliens in which the species name was given as "Atreonid". There has been unconfirmed speculation that this was at Paramount's request, although the name "Atreonid" has not appeared in any Star Trek productions.

The Cast and Crew of Tales of the Seventh Fleet came up with the logic of Efrosians being also known as Ateniods or Atenids, the same way some races call humans Earthers or Terrans. It seemed like the best solution to combining the references of FASA and Decipher.

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