Captain Edward J. Stanfield has commanded the USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590) from its launch in the year 2294. He was transferred to the ship at short notice after the original captain, Lorriane Wilcox was killed in a raid by Orion pirates. (Star Trek: Valkyrie)

Stanfield is good friends with the Commander of Starbase 11 Admiral David Markoweitz as well as Captain Alec Grigory of the USS Potemkin. He first met Commander Carl Stoeffles, presently of the USS Justice during his Academy days and the two remain in regular contact.

Early careerEdit

Stanfield served as an ensign aboard the USS Montana and later aboard the USS Armstrong as a lieutenant junior grade. His first command was the Saladin-class starship USS Columbia.

His second command was the USS Saratoga following the ship's repairs after the Whale Probe incident. The Saratoga later transported delegates to the Khitomer Conference of 2293. (Star Trek: Valkyrie)

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