Ebak Scott Sison was the Helmsman of the USS Tamerlane from 2265 to 2269. (Tamerlane)


Ebak has a deep voice and a slight Norfolk accent although it is easy to pick out that he is British. He enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. Despite this, he can often be found in his quarters playing a game of chess against the computer. He is a relaxed person who strongly believes in change. He enjoys a good laugh and likes to be with his friends in a social environment. Though free to discuss any topic, he is rather reluctant to discuss his personal life in much detail at all. Ebak is easy to get along with and tends to not judge people harshly. It is difficult to find someone he doesn't like. He is very intelligent, witty and notices even the smallest of details. During the course of his time on the Tamerlane, he developed a lasting friendship with Angelica Bennett, the Destroyer's first officer, and became quite a humorous foil for Captain Cochrane.

The TamerlaneEdit

Ensign Sison became the Helmsman of the Tamerlane upon graduation from Starfleet Academy. He served with distinction for many years.

author's note: As most of Tamerlane is character driven, I'm reluctant to post many spoilers until they are revealed in the episodes themselves


  • 2258 Ebak Scott Sison is discovered in Paris, France, Earth. He has no idea where he is from, or how he got to Paris, but he does remember his name.
  • 2260 Sison Joins Starfleet.
  • 2265-2269 Helmsman, USS Tamerlane (NCC-510)

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