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Earth Spacedock (or Star Trek Online: Earth Spacedock!) was a forum rpg on the Arc Forums, started in April 2016 by Hawku. The action takes place in one ongoing thread.


Several Captains engage in downtime aboard Earth Spacedock, in the Food Court and Club 47, while the crew of the USS Philadelphia-A are on a mission to install highly classified anti-Undine devices in Spacedock's cargo bays. With Captain Aeris temporarily assigned to security, she tracks down and questions Lieutenant Elihu M'Konel from the Philadelphia. In an attempt to apprehend him, Aeris is ordered, by Starfleet Intelligence's Commander Bradden to release him.

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  • Star Trek: Phoenix-X archives only a select few posts from this RPG, surrounding characters related to its series. The archive comes after "Nibiru" and before "Devil's Leftovers". The archive, categorized as Clips 6, has the production code PNX158_P006NN.

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