Ean MacIntire
Species: human
Gender: male
Born: 2348
Hair: brown
Eyes: gray
Height: 1.90 m
Weight: 95.25 kg
Stationed: PSS Lugh

Ean MacIntire visited the ISS Descent in 2382, with the crew from his assembled ship. (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)

Ean was a mercenary, and had been for almost 14 years. His loyalties were to his ship, his wallet, and the few friends that he had made along the way. For the right price, he would do almost anything.


From 2368-2374 Ean was in a partnership with Tom Calaway. The two mercenaries fought in several battles together, and just did general work on the black market. In their final battle together, they had to part ways due to a pursuit. Tom never arrived at the rendezvous point that they had established, and Ean assumed him dead.

2374-2380: Ean gathered a crew of misfits and began life as a pirate. Things went well for a long while, but then the base of operations was raided and all of Ean's crew killed, except for his XO who was with him on a reconnaissance mission.

2381: Ean goes into "hiding".

2382: Ean emerges from hiding after hearing that his old comrade Tom Calaway is still alive. He assembles a vessel from parts in an abandoned shipyard and hires another misfit crew.


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