Dvorah the Prophet was a human from Earth’s antiquity up to and including the 25th century. (We, the Living Dead)

She appears as the modern form of Deborah the Prophetess from the Bible, and hosts Moses and Shlomo Abramovich as they are visited by the mission from Deep Space 9. She is one of the oldest living humans, and a vampire (= a conscious being who did not die), and is the ambassador of Earth in the Q Continuum.

Dvorah stopped hallucinating the voices of the gods (which is what was referred to as “Lenabeh”) starting from a young age, but was considered a prophet due to seeming very wise. She stayed close to her home in northern Palestine, and raised many families throughout her life time.

Later on, after Quark publishes his film of the discoveries in the Q Continuum, she becomes well-known in the galaxy, and decides to visit Deep Space 9 in order to give some talking and interviewing sessions. She negotiates with Quark about getting access to his conference room, and is given access, in exchange for 50% of the profits.

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