Dustin McCloud was the Starfleet admiral placed in commander of the Starfleet Operations by Starfleet Commander Admiral John Hayes in 2380. McCloud was later considered as one of the potential replacements for Hayes in 2380. McCloud was for an armed conflict with the So'ja then, and was the most fervent supporter of the Coalition War. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "The Teacher")

In 2381, McCloud firmly supported the development of deflective hull plating, citing the outbreak of hostilities with the So'jan as a strong motivation.

In 2382, McCloud believed that the Horizon Project was a complete waste of time, and disapproved of the use of an Emperor-class vessel to test the prototype jump drive. (Star Trek: New Horizons: "Horizon")

He was close friends with Vice President Kaenar Korban. ("From The Ashes")

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