Drash Kada

Commander Drash Kada of the USS Constance.

Drash Kada was a Bajoran Starfleet officer who served on board the USS Constance in 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)

Family historyEdit

Kada's parents, Timor and Lasha, where both members of the Bajoran Resistance, and later joined the Maquis during the Cardassian occupation . After the end of the Dominion War and the break down of the militaristic Cardassian Union, her parents surrendered to the Federation for the good of their daughters.

Kada and her sister Elia lived with a human family for a few years while their parents where in prison.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Kada enrolled at the Academy at the earliest possible age she could, having barely passed her entrance, but she would soon become a very skilled and popular student at the academy. She had a strange hobby of using the subspace monitoring equipment, which gave her an early insight into the Klingon-Gorn War, and information on the Undine infiltration of the Gorn, which put the whole conflict in perspective for the students at the academy.

Aboard the USS ConstanceEdit

Around the same time that she graduated, the Constance had been called out to Vega colony, and when Rachel Covaks was promoted to captain, she picked Kada as her first officer, one of the few times that a rookie officer has ever been promoted that soon.

During the first contact with the Fenarans, she went down to Fenra IV out of curiosity to see what the planet was like. She passed on the warning that the Orions had arrived on the planet first, and provided Captain Covaks with valuable data.


Kada was an easily likable person, she was sometimes a little bit of a flirt, and enjoyed being around people. However, she quite understandably has issues with the True Way.

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