"Double Vision" was the fourth episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik.


While continuing towards the new Deep Space 9 to pick up the remainder of the Dragon's crew, a distress call from the Antar observatory is received. Upon arriving, the crew discovers an unusual ship attached to the station's hull and only one faint life sign. Commander Caft leads an away team to investigate and finds that a great battle took place inside of the station. When they find the lone survivor, they discover it to be a Federation scientist partially assimilated by the Borg, who dies before the assimilation process can be completed.

The away team is beamed back aboard and the Dragon tracks a warp trail leading towards Romulan space. Once in range, they discover it is a Borg sphere. The sphere stops just outside of the Neutral Zone, where a transwarp conduit has opened. When the Dragon arrives, Voyager surprisingly emerges from the conduit and helps the Dragon finish off the sphere. After a brief exchange with Captain Janeway, the Dragon begins to escort Voyager home. However, along the way, Voyager suddenly puts up a sensor screen and targets the Dragon. Voyager begins to head back to the conduit; however when her shields fail for unknown reasons, Captain Harriman uses the opportunity to bring the sensor net down. They discover that all of Voyager's crew was assimilated and that many of her systems are failing. Quite suddenly, all of the Borg begin to die off, until Voyager drops out of warp and no one else remains.

After further investigation, they discover that Voyager is partially out of phase, due to a divergent tachyon field caused by the destruction of another sphere in the transwarp conduit prior to Voyager's arrival. Another, duplicate Voyager in the Delta Quadrant is probably experiencing similar problems. After activating the ship's EMH's emergency command routine, they send him and Voyager back through the conduit, where the Doctor will use a shuttle to emit a tachyon burst to re-merge the ships. The procedure works, but the tachyon surge collapses the conduit and Voyager is still stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

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