Lt. Cdr. Donald K. Fergus ("Fergie") was Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Monitor from 2370-2374. Like Lt. Therav th'Shan who replaced him in the acting capacity, he had a Special Operations background. (Eighth Fleet RPG)

In the first three years, nobody had any reason to question his ability to command, but in the last year, his orders became increasingly irrational and his temper became increasingly volatile.

His department suffered high casualties, and a large number of people serving under him, including his replacement Lt. th'Shan, were later diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of these underlings, Ensign Gabrielle Madden, committed suicide a few months after the end of the war despite Lt. th'Shan transferring her out after taking command.

Fergus' wife, a nurse on the same vessel, was killed earlier in the war. Nobody knows for certain or not if this has anything to do with his slippage.

Less than two weeks before his removal from duty, tensions escalated to the point of a confrontation by Therav th'Shan over his command style. It culminated in Fergus referring to the Andorian's recently deceased lover as a "whore" and implying that Therav was responsible for her death. Within moments, Fergus was being pummeled by an enraged Andorian, who had to be stunned.

After the fact, the three security personnel who'd stunned th'Shan, refused to testify on Fergus' behalf, and Monitor immediately went into a conflict.

The Chief Medical Officer declared Fergus unfit, and the matter was left off of th'Shan's record. Therav th'Shan commanded the department for the remaining four months of the war.

In 2376, a general court martial was held for Fergus, and he was ruled psychologically unfit for duty, and was summarily discharged from Starfleet.

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