Donald Blaine was the commanding officer of USS Milburn (NCC-1901) from 2360 to 2379. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

While on the USS Milburn, Blaine served with Benjamin Kelsoe, who was the Milburn's CONN officer for the first two years of his Starfleet career, from 2368 to 2370.

Blaine was well known through Starfleet as a skilled painter. When Kelsoe was promoted to Commander and made the executive officer of the USS Skyfox, Blaine gave him one of his paintings as a congratulatory gift. Kelsoe still has the painting, now hanging in his ready room aboard the USS Pioneer (NCC-1084).

In 2375, Blaine's daughter, Patricia, married Gervasio Valdez. Knowing Valdez had been accepted by Blaine as a son-in-law, made it easier for Captain Benjamin Kelsoe to accept Valdez as his new tactical officer. In 2380, Nicholas Valdez, Blaine's grandson, was born. According to Captain Kelsoe one of Blaine's nicknames is The Great Painter. ("Everything Changes")

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