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A Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) is an university degree that allows one to practice pharmacy, or at least is a step towards licensure.

Admission to Lyran Pharm.D. programs were made as though they were normal undergraduate admissions, i.e. first-entry. Sandy Guilmain earned her Pharm.D. at Kinda Sorta College. As with all Lyran PharmDs, she was addressed as doctor. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Educational Armageddon")

Schools awarding Doctorates of PharmacyEdit


In actuality, entry into Laval University and the University of Montreal PharmDs is made directly from college, much like a Lyran PharmD program, while Ole Miss' PharmD usually requires completion of 90 university credits prior to admission (although most pharmacy applicants to Ole Miss hold a bachelor's degree).

In addition, Rutgers offers a 0-6 PharmD program, which allows one to get into pharmacy school directly from high school if certain conditions are met.

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