The Discovery (NX-04) was a Coalition Starfleet (originally Earth Starfleet) NX class vessel in service in 2161 up until 2165. (Star Trek: Discovery)

Earth-Romulan WarEdit

Constructed and launched as the Earth-Romulan War was beginning, the Discovery underwent massive upgrades over the original NX class design in order to make it more capable of fighting the Romulans. As a result, the Discovery is a ship that had a lot of firepower, and was later remarked by the Romulans to be one of Starfleet's more capable vessels.
NX-04 Discovery Mission Patch

The mission patch for the NX-04 Discovery.

The Discovery was supposed to have been with the Columbia when it went missing, but was damaged in a battle with the Romulans, and was in spacedock.

The Discovery went through a number of Captains and crew rotations during the war, and at the end was one of the most decorated vessels in Starfleet.

The return to explorationEdit

Following the end of the Romulan war along with the formation of the Coalition, the Discovery was the last NX class vessel in service. Put under the Command of Captain Marie Todd, the Discovery began its mission to explore the unknown, and early into its first mission picked up a distress call, from a Tholian vessel.

The Discovery would remain in service for another 4 years, and would finally be retired and converted into a museum ship by Starfleet. The vessel and her crew's exploits would fade into obscurity until 2330 when Starfleet started to re-examine their old records.

The NX-04 holonovelEdit

Around 2432, a holonovel writer took the reports and crew logs of the Discovery and created an elaborate holonovel based on its voyages. That holonovel found its way onto the USS Discovery, where it seemed to gain self-awareness, and began to interact with the crew.

Historical importanceEdit

In addition to being the first ship to return to exploration following the end of the war with the Romulans, the Discovery was the first ship to have a diverse crew of Starfleet officers in terms of species. In addition to humans, there was at least one of each of the following species:

  1. Andorian
  2. Tellarite
  3. Vulcan
  4. Rigellian
  5. Trill

As later revealed by the Symbiosis Commission, Ensign Lera Kesta on the Discovery was also the first Joined Trill Starfleet officer.


2161 crewEdit


  • The dedication plaque on the bridge reads from George Orwell, "In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
  • A model of the NX-04 Discovery is on the wall of the USS Discovery's conference room in 2431.

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