"Diplomatic Process" was the third episode of the Star Trek: Artemis reboot as a Second Life roleplay group.


In 2386, the USS Artemis is ordered to escort the Kreon Ambassador and a transport ship as they return the Kreon pirates to their home planet. While in transit, a Romulan Warbird is detected as it plots an intercept course. Once in communication range, the Warbird captain, Subcommander T'Vel wants to take possession of the prisoners for crimes against the Romulan Star Empire. T'Vel doesn't want to start a war with the Federation so he suggests one of two options. Either the Artemis lets them take the pirates or once the transport ship crosses into Kreon territory, they will attack it and take them by force, leaving the Federation and the Artemis out of the equation. On the recommendation of Lt. (JG) Nina Prater, Lt. Commander Tenar decided on another option. The Artemis transported the prisoners over to the brig and decided to take them all the way to Kreon Prime. T'Vel gets enraged and warns that the Artemis had made a new enemy before the Warbird warped away. Artemis then continued on their way to deliver the pirates and the Ambassador to Kreon Prime.

Guest starsEdit

Notable momentsEdit

  • This episode marked the first appearance of Nina Prater, the Chief of Operations and introduced Subcommander T'Vel.

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