"Dimensional Analysis" is the second episode of Star Trek: Dragon, written by Jon Wasik, part 2 of the Dimensional Exploration story-arc.


The crew of the Dragon successfully recreate the temporal/dimensional anomaly and enter. Like the first time they entered, Captain Harriman loses consciousness, along with over 100 crew members. When he awakens, he learns that the Dragon is once again in a different dimension; however they appear to be in the late 24th century.

The crew plot a course to briefly explore the area to gather sensor data, and while part-way through, they encounter a heavily modified and warp-capable Galaxy-class starship's saucer section, complete with heavy weaponry and shields. The ship is commanded by a cautious Captain William Riker, who explains that the Federation, similar to the mirror universe, has been converted to an Empire and that he and his crew are part of a rebellion against Starfleet. Riker remains suspicious of Harriman; however after he and his senior staff are treated to a meal and Harriman presents his case, he begins to trust the Dragon crew. Suddenly a Romulan warbird, converted and crewed by Starfleet officers and commanded by Lord Hayes, approaches. After a brief conversation with him, Harriman decides to help Riker and his crew and partake in a powerful but brief battle. The warbird is destroyed and Harriman orders the Dragon and Excelsior back to the nebula to create another anomaly and leave. After a brief goodbye with Riker, as well as an exchange of supplies and technology, they prepare to jump to the next dimension.

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