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Deyziel was a 23rd century Starfleet science officer. He was assigned in the USS Yorktown in his maiden voyage, and was the first Denobulan in Starfleet. (Star Trek: Origins)


Deyziel is the grandson of Phlox and Feezal’s son and his second wife. He learned a fair deal about medical practices from Phlox, and mechanics from Feezal, which makes him highly versatile officer. Deyziel himself has two wives, but is always eager to find his third, whether she’s Denobulan or not.

Misc InfoEdit

Deyziel is the first Denobulan to graduate from Starfleet Academy. He is something of a genius when it comes to astronomical phenomena, which makes him a good choice for the Yorktown’s Science Officer. He learned a fair deal about medical practices from Phlox, and mechanics from Feezal, which makes him one of the Yorktown’s most versatile officers. He also possesses a degree in xenobiology and often works with Dr. Poole when new life-forms are discovered. He has a pet tribble in his quarters, given by Phlox, but is very careful not to overfeed it.

Deyziel inherited Phlox’s quirky sense of humor and often enjoys flashing the Denobulan ‘super-smile’ at crewmen, just to see their reactions. He often serves as a counterpoint to George Kirk’s cautious approach to space travel, and as a result, the two of them often take playful snipes at one another, though they respect one another on a professional level. Another crewman that Deyziel has trouble bonding with is Ensign Christopher Pike, who finds the Denobulan custom of polygamy offensive, and as a result, feels uncomfortable around Deyziel. But Pike’s reactions confuse Deyziel.

Deyziel rarely rests, as his hibernation cycle usually keeps him very refreshed. When off-duty, he enjoys sampling the various menus of Federation cultures, as well as interacting with the crew. He feels more comfortable being around people than being alone, which is why he finds Jennifer Howard rather fascinating, as she seems to be alone most of the time.

Note: This information is take from STO bible.

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