"Devil's Leftovers" was the ninety-first episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. The planned 3-part episode was first published on The Trek BBS forums, one part at a time and is completed.


The Phoenix-X investigates a series of underhanded trades in the Bajoran system.

Posting guideEdit

Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis
Devil's Leftovers, Part I May 25 2016 PNX159_E091NA A representative from Bajor attempts to talk Captain Night Seifer into helping them track down who stole their shipments.
Devil's Leftovers, Part II Dec 06 2016 PNX159_E091NB Seifer and his crew go to Krios III where they find BOG, a Ferengi who was part of Ardra's crew.
Devil's Leftovers, Part III Feb 16 2017 PNX159_E091NC BOB reveals his origins and the crew work with Ardra's crew to swindle the Orion Syndicate out of all their stuff back.

Background informationEdit

  • The title "Devil's Leftovers" is a play on the episode title from TNG: "Devil's Due".
  • This episode's "alien of the week" was chosen using an online random number generator, based on the number of episodes in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The number chosen by the generator coincided with the episode "Devil's Due". [1]
  • This episode was previously labelled as a "trek" episode, and was re-categorized as an "episode" on May 31st, 2016.

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