Detrell was the Communications Officer of the USS Tamerlane from 2265 to 2270. (Tamerlane)


Born John Richard Ulysses, Detrell was put up for adoption at the age of two on the planet Delta when his parents were killed in a traffic accident. Renamed with a Deltan name and raised in a Deltan family, Detrell had a rather normal childhood. In 2256, Detrell swore an oath of Celibacy, despite being Human and not actually being bound by the Cultural moral requirements. In 2259 Detrell joined Starfleet command and was assigned to the USS Eagle. Later he joined on as part of the crew of the USS Tamerlane.

The TamerlaneEdit

Lieutenant Detrell became the Communications Officer of the Tamerlane upon graduation from Starfleet Academy. He served with distinction for many years.

author's note: As most of Tamerlane is character driven, I'm reluctant to post many spoilers until they are revealed in the episodes themselves


  • 2238 Detrell is born on Delta
  • 2255 Detrell takes his Oath of Celibacy
  • 2256 Detrell Joins Starfleet command
  • 2259-2265 Communications Officer, USS Eagle
  • 2265-2270 Communications Officer, USS Tamerlane (NCC 510)

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