Patrick Ingrum takes on additional responsibilities as he leads his squadron in battle to retake Betazed.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • “Well, if it isn't your doppelgänger!”
    “I see that he hasn't lost his sense of humor.”
    “At this time, Amanda, you have to keep your humor.”
    “I would of thought that all the promotions you have received would have gone to your head.”
    “If it did, the Dominion would have knocked me down so quickly, I wouldn’t have known what happened.”
    Patrick Ingrum and Amanda Stacey, upon meeting on Wildfire's bridge.
  • “All right. I was heading back to my quarters after some research at the main library when I saw whom I thought was Anna. When I approached her, I realized my mistake.”
    “And netted both of us a really good friend,”
    “It took me about three weeks before I could get the two of them straightened out. That’s when I finally introduced them to each other,”
    Patrick and Anna Ingrum, on how they met Amanda.
  • “Looks like everyone is ready. All right, our mission is to retake Betazed. If anyone is caught or killed, Starfleet will disavow any knowledge of our actions. Anna, set course for Betazed, warp 5.”
    Patrick Ingrum, beginning the mission to retake Betazed.
  • “What's our status,”
    “We are on Auxiliary power only.”
    “Can we get the main power online.”
    “Yes, sir, but it will be risky.”
    “Ensign, if we don't get main power back up, we will be sitting ducks. It's a risk we must take. Do whatever it takes.”
    “Aye, sir. I'll do it myself.”
    Shandy Rogers and Alex Wallace
  • “Something tells me that you have a story for me, but the first thing that I'd like to know is your name.”
    “Lieutenant Shandy Rogers, from the Ticonderoga, and yes I do have a story, sir.”
Patrick Ingrum and Shandy Rogers
  • “Have you ever heard of the Kobayashi Maru?”
    “No, sir.”
    ““It's an old simulation that they used to give to cadets at the academy. The caveat of the simulation was that there was no way to win. It is more a test of character. The closest practical thing to a win would be to do exactly as you did, give an order that requires a personal sacrifice. Shandy, you have been put into a situation that many have been tested on, but never actually had to face, and I think that you handled the situation the best you could, considering the circumstances.”
    Patrick offers his insights to Shandy on her actions.
  • “I wasn't sure how Captain Ingrum would react, but he mentioned something about facing circumstances in which someone could get killed. He also mentioned something about the Kobayashi Maru.
    “When I qualified for the Bridge Exam, they tested me to see if I would be willing to make that sacrifice. My CO told me about the Kobayashi Maru when I went through that test. Do you feel there was no other alternative?”
    “I felt that if I hadn't given the order, Ticonderoga would be toast, and we wouldn't be talking about it.”
    Shandy and Amanda


Betazed; Ingrum, Anna; Ingrum, Patrick; USS Neosho; Rogers, Shandy; Stacey, Amanda; Starbase 375; Starfleet Academy; USS Ticonderoga; USS Wildfire; Wallace, Alex


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Determined Warrior Full text of the story, on the author's website.

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