Destruction of the Devisor
Date: August 2155
Location: twelve hours out from Western Air Temple
Result: Team Avatar victory
Team Avatar Fire Nation
Katara Unknown
one airship one airship
none one
none heavy
Previous Next
Loss of the Columbia Battle of the Recovery Site

The Destruction of the Devisor was an engagement between Team Avatar and the Fire Nation occuring prior to the Briar Patch War. (Star Trek: Into the Inferno)

Katara had noticed the wreckage of the Columbia entering the atmosphere over her world after her destruction at the hands of the Lha Aehallh. She hastily assembled a crew that took a captured Fire Nation airship, the Fearless to attempt to investigate.

During the mission the Fearless ran into another Fire Nation airship, the Devisor, which attempted to capture her. The Fearless brilliantly outmaneuvered and destroyed the enemy vessel. The crew then recovered various technological items and one body from the wreckage of the Columbia. The Fearless went on to fight alongside United Earth forces at the Battle of the Recovery Site.

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