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The Deresus class was a type of heavy scout that saw service in the Romulan Star Navy during the 24th century. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 5: Starships of the Romulan Star Empire)

The Deresus consisted of a solid, rectangular primary hull with a small command hull at the forward end. Wing pylons projected straight out to the side and held the ship's war nacelle]]s. The Deresus was originally powered by a standard matter/anti-matter warp drive.

The class entered service in 2321 and was designed to expand the Romulan Star Empire and to complement the T'varek-class short range scout. The design proved so effective that it shaped the design of subsequent Romulans scouts in the following decades. A larger, near identical design called the Nir'at-class was developed and it also provided inspiration for the Tirethi-class scout.

In 2348, the class was upgraded as part of the Praetorian Edict of 2348 and later received a quantum singularity drive once that technology was refined for use on smaller vessels.

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