Denise Murakawa served as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Sutherland from 2371 through the end of the Dominion War. Promoted to lieutenant commander during the Dominion War, Dr. Murakawa continued to serve on the Sutherland for several years after the end of hostilities. (Star Trek: Sutherland)

Early lifeEdit

Born on Alpha Centauri IV to a Japanese father and Centauran mother who divorced very early in Denise's childhood, Dr. Murakawa knows little to nothing of her Japanese heritage, nor is she that interested in learning more. While somewhat more drawn to her Centauran roots, Dr. Murakawa, like most Centaurans, eschews nationalistic leanings, preferring to consider herself, in her own words, as a "Citizen of the universe."

Starfleet AcademyEdit

While at Starfleet Academy, then Cadet Murakawa took a trip to Rome where, deeply moved by what she had seen, she converted to Neo-Catholicism, resulting in a strained relationship with her mother that lasted for years until recently as both parties are now seeking reconciliation.

A long distance runner on the Academy track team, she specialized in running the 30K and marathon.

USS SutherlandEdit

Dr. Murakawa played a crucial role in overcoming the alien entity encountered by the Sutherland on its shakedown cruise that had been preying on shipping in the Bajor sector through her discovery of a process called 'bioelectric feedback' that caused a system shock to the telepathic life force devouring entity. Dr. Murakawa also served as attending physician for Ensign Sito Jaxa following her successful rescue by a team led by Sam Lavelle. The doctor also participated in the rescue of Captain Elizabeth Shelby and her party who had been captured by Ekosian terrorists.

During the Dominion War she earned further honors, receiving a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. After the War, she participated in the Federation relief expedition led by Captain Jean-Luc Picard into the Briar Patch, also known as the Klach D'Kel Brach during the brief Alshain-Son'a War as Acting Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Gibraltar.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Estranged from her father, Denise is now reconciling with her mother after a lengthy quarrel over Dr. Murakawa's conversion to the branch of Christianity known as Neo-Catholicism, the most doctrinally and socially liberal of the three divisions of the Roman Catholic Church that emerged in the aftermath of the chaos of the twenty-first century.


Dr. Murakawa has developed a close friendship with Lieutenant Anara Rysyl and also counts Lieutenant Lydia Phillips as a close personal friend. She also has unrequited feelings for Lieutenant Manuele Atoa, who, unfortunately for Denise, considers her as a friend only.

Memorable quotesEdit

"So, I guess in a way you could say that I still keep a little bit of the past with me."
— Dr. Denise Murakawa speaking to Lieutenant Atoa regarding her faith.

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