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The Denias system is a large system that borders Klingon and Federation space near the Cestus system. It boast nine planets in its system, with 4 of them classified as gas giants. In 2387, the USS Crusader found the remains of the IKV O'klath, USS Nepal, and the USS Fuller in the system destroyed in a multi pronged attack. They would later find the survivors from the attacks on Denias VIII. The Zentradi set up a research facility on the planet, and fled as the Crusader engaged their drone ships. (Star Trek Crusader; Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Planets in system Edit

System Labeled

The Denias System

  • Star (Deniae) Class B3V
  • Denias I : Class B
  • Denias II : Class G
  • Denias III : Class H
  • Denias IV : Class M (1 Moon, Ring)
  • Denias V : Class P
  • Denias VI : Class J (16 Moons)
  • Denias VII : Class J (8 Moons)
  • Denias VIII : Class J (5 Moons, Ring)
  • Denias IX : Class J (3 Moons)

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