The Delta Sphere was built by the Star Triangle Advanced Guard after their encounters with the Think Tank (See: Adventures of STAG: "Knowledge Web"). The Delta Sphere had the appearance of a geodesic sphere with a diameter slightly smaller than that of Deep Space Nine. This Sphere was created to be a command and research center for the Star Triangle Advanced Guard and to provide the space required to coordinate such an important agency while leaving the Stardisk free to continue as a central fleet docking Station. The Delta Sphere was the initial home of STAG R&D and the Council of STAG. In 2410 teams onboard the Delta Sphere designed and built the first Dartship setting off a revolution in conflict Intervention and Combat throughout STAG.

The Four Races Development Sphere Edit

After the events of Adventures of STAG: "The Second Mirror" the Second Delta Sphere was built and christened The Four Races Development Sphere. It was populated by the original four great races of the Stargate Universe: The Ancients, Asguard, Furlings, and Nox. The Asguard Species was saved from extinction by the actions of the Temporal Agents when they retrieved a sample of the base Asguard Genome in order to combat the degradation of the Asguard genome from excessive cloning. The four races, once reunited, began acting as the premier department of STAG R&D using the advanced technology they had created over thousands of years in their own universe. They created advanced technologies such as the STAG Gateway and the Omega Entanglement Field capable of imprisoning omnipotent beings.

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