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"Delta Rising" was the seventh literary episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the seventh literary episode of the fourth season. It was the eighth Star Trek: Phoenix-X entry written for the Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge. This was the third episode to focus on the crew of the IKS B'Cnah.


The IKS B'Cnah explores the Delta Quadrant. After salvaging parts off a Vidiian Sodality ship, the B'Cnah is overrun with salamander-type humans. These creatures are offspring of a mutated Lieutenant Tom Paris and Captain Kathryn Janeway, from several decades earlier, after achieving a Warp 10 flight.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Cut that into your blood, and you will be safe from any kind of salamadolution. Do not, I repeat— do not try to mate for at least 24 hours."

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Background informationEdit

  • Derok's line, "Permission to murder most foul, strange and unnatural, Captain?" is a Shakespeare reference to Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5 when The Ghost says, "Murder most foul, as in the best it is, but this most foul, strange and unnatural."
  • Ulkegh's mention of everyone's blades still being dull from "last week's time-travel-Xindi-Avian massacre" is a reference to "The Xindi Paradox".

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