The Defection of the Exeter was an event that occurred in the Dinas system and Iconia system in 2386, on Stardate 82386.27. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

Crew members assignedEdit


The USS Odyssey-A was on standard assignment to the Mehnair system when Captain Lewis received a Captain's Eyes Only message from Starfleet Command, informing him that a Starfleet commander had gone renegade and, having stolen the USS Exeter from repairs at Unity One Starbase, was heading to the Romulan Neutral Zone, intending to defect for classified reasons. Odyssey immediately set course for the Exeter's last known position in the Dinas system.

The Romulan connectionEdit

When the Odyssey arrived, it discovered the Exeter under attack by two Romulan warbirds whilst the wreckage of a Cardassian freighter, obviously destroyed by the Warbirds, was adrift nearby.

Although the Romulans established a brief tractor beam lock, the Exeter jumped to warp. The Romulans hailed the Odyssey and informed them that Federation defectors were not welcome in the Romulan Star Empire and they had merely been attempting to halt the vessel, not destroy it as an act to aggression. Lewis persuaded the Romulans to assist the Odyssey and they cloaked during transit to the Icobar system, where the Exeter had warped to.

"Ah, what luck! A derelict ship!"Edit

Upon entering orbit of Iconia, sensors discovered the Exeter on the planet's surface, and four Ferengi ships, attempting to claim the Intrepid-class ship for salvage. After a brief debate between the Romulans and Ferengi, they ships opened fire on each other. Odyssey withdrew from the area. One of the warbirds collided with a Ferengi ship, destroying both vessels. The Exeter also used this distraction to attempt escape, however, Lewis ordered the Odyssey to swing around and catch the Exeter inside a tractor beam.


The Exeter was pulled back to Unity One Starbase, and the renegade commander was arrested. Nothing more was heard from the Romulans or Ferengi.

Maps usedEdit

  • USS Serenity-B_V2

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