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"Deep Wormhole 9" was the second episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X, and was actually two episodes in one.

Deep Wormhole 9Edit

A Jem'Hadar device causes the Bajoran Wormhole to uncharacteristically expand and swallow Deep Space 9. The crew of the Phoenix-X use a multitude of tractor beams to expel it from its grasp.

Background informationEdit

Find Voyager? No ProblemEdit

The Phoenix-X is given the mission to find Voyager. When Voyager finds them instead, Q pops in and knocks Voyager back into the Delta Quadrant - ensuring that continuity be respected.

Background informationEdit

  • This marks the beginning of a continuing running gag, in Star Trek: Phoenix-X's first and second season's, in which the Phoenix-X constantly picks up signs of Voyager and never cares or notices them.

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