Deep Space 20, also called "The Watchtower" was a joint Federation-Romulan Deep Space Station active in 2419. (Star Trek: Watchtower)

Under Romulan CommandEdit

Prior to the agreement between the Federation and Romulans, Deep Space 20 was a Romulan starbase in the
Deep Space 20

Federation Space Station Deep Space 20.

Idori Star System on the border between Federation, Romulan, Klingon and unclaimed space.

It was temporarily captured by the Klingons during their attempt to take Romulan territory following the Hobus Supernova. It was later re-taken by the Romulan Navy under Admiral Taris.

The Federation-Romulan AgreementEdit

In early 2419, following the assassination of Empress Sela, the Federation and Romulan Star Empire entered talks regarding the possibility of working together on a project. The Romulans, not ready to ally themselves with the Federation, agreed to convert the Idori System Starbase into Deep Space 20.

The Federation assigned Captain Tara Rosa to command DS20, and the USS Erebus to serve as station defense. In addition, the Romulans would maintain a small fleet in the system, commanded by the highest ranking Romulan officer on Deep Space 20.


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