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Early LifeEdit

Deborah Kinnian was born in 2342 as the younger of a set of twins to two very prominent warp physicists at Jupiter station. An accident with an experimental craft orphaned Deborah and Wendy at the age of six and they lived with their grandmother. The accident inspired both sisters to pursue a career in Starfleet and in spacecraft flight in particular.

Starfleet CareerEdit

After graduating from Starfleet Academy at the age of 21. Deborah and her sister trained for nearly three years as flight controllers and specialized in flying small craft such as shuttles and runabouts.

She was assigned to the 172nd Search and Rescue Squadron as part of the technical support flight and operated in support of Search and Rescue operations along the Cardassian and Federation frontier. (Star Trek: Voyager - The Guardian)

In 2371 Deborah was assigned to the USS Voyager. Later that same year she was assigned to fly a covert mission with the Runabout USS Thames to the former Federation colony of New Grozny on the Cardassian side of the DMZ. After being shot down as an only survivor she was able to escape Cardassian and a brief Maquis captivity thanks to the efforts of Carl Stevens. (Star Trek: Voyager - The Guardian)


Sometime prior to 2371 she began dating Lieutenant Peter Durst and shared quarters with him on Deck 8 onboard Voyager. (Star Trek: Voyager Lower Decks: Caretaker)

She was also a close friend of Lieutenant Veronica Stadi and was especially affected by her death. (VOY: "Caretaker")

She would meet Carl Stevens as a young cadet when she was temporarily on duty at Starfleet Academy after graduation. Over the years she would befriend him during her time with the 172nd SAR Squadron and during her tour aboard Voyager.

External LinksEdit

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