Debbie was one of the "gophers" assigned to Nina, chief science officer of the ISS Arcadia in the mirror universe, following the slaying of Scott Dunson in 2385. The daughter of an important Imperial dignitary, Debbie was often viewed as the stereotype of a "bubble-headed" blonde. She was also apparently covered with freckles.

Her first trial by fire came at the hands of Assault Team member Tarl Lori, who sexually molested and degraded her. She was also one of the first unwitting victims of the smaller version of the neuralizer developed by Tabatha Brisk, possibly even before its later use on Stephen April.

Among other things, she gained the attention of Alexei Obrenovic. The two attained something of a strange rapport with Obrenovic seemingly finding her a source of amusement; he felt protective of the dim-witted yet innocent woman.

Debbie later entered an abusive relationship, at the behest of her parents, with JJ Kirk, another of Nina's gophers came from a prestigious family. She continued to serve with Nina on the ISS Arcadia until its destruction in late 2385. She was rescued by Nina and pulled into an escape pod. Following this, she ventured with Obrenovic and his cohorts during their desertion of the Empire. (Star Trek: New Empire)

What became of Debbie afterwards is unknown.