"Deal" was the seventh episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X, and actually consisted of two episodes. The first episode of the two ("Deal") had only one scene and is considered a short.


Admiral Theseus calls the Ferengi BOB to beam over to the USS Dropzone. There, the Admiral offers the Ferengi a latinum-making deal of a lifetime.

Home, Part IIEdit

Commander Night Gotens heads for home: the Phoenix-X, with the help of Jadzia Dax. Meanwhile, Captain Daniel tracks down a Changeling spy, with Odo's help.

Background informationEdit

  • In this episode and "Home, Part I", the Commander's name randomly changes from Night to Gotens. Both are correct as his name at this point was Night Gotens. This episode serves as a transitional change for the Commander to be referred to as Gotens for the rest of the season.

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