The Day of Remembrance was a lesser holy day in the Bajoran religion, celebrated each year on the fourth day of the month of Kadera.

In 2403 the Day of Remembrance fell on April 15. Starfleet Academy Cadets Tiana Lanstar and Kojami Sobaru celebrated it with upperclassman Kanril Eleya, who had been assigned to tutor them in Principles of Electronic Countermeasures. Lanstar was encouraged to remembered her older brother Tiida, while Kanril spoke of her grandfather. (B&S: "Remembrance of the Fallen")

In 2410 the holiday fell on April 6. The crew of the USS Bajor celebrated it at the ship's memorial wall in the public observation lounge. Kanril used the event to mourn her former operations officer, T'Var, who had died aboard her first command, the USS Olokun, protecting the Bajor from a Terran Empire ramming attack two months earlier. Athezra Darrod left a photo for Crewman Teaghan Matheson, while Reshek Gaarra left flowers for Chai Ezanad. Afterward Eleya offered a toast to the dead. (Bait and Switch: "To Absent Friends"))

In 2413 the holiday fell on April 15. Tiana Lanstar visited the memorial for the Battle of Goralis to leave an offering for her slain wife Kojami Sobaru, and recalled the first time she celebrated it back at the Academy. (B&S: "Remembrance of the Fallen")


The Bajorans celebrated the Day of Remembrance by visiting the graves or memorials of loved ones and sharing stories about them, as well as their favorite foods.


Behind the scenesEdit

According to authors StarSword and takeshi6 in their author's notes for "Remembrance of the Fallen", the Day of Remembrance was inspired largely by the Latin American Day of the Dead.