David Jacob Hawk
David Hawk (Mirror)
The Mirror Hawk
Species: human
Gender: male
Born: 3 August 2342
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 97.5 kg
Affiliation: Terran Rebellion
Stationed: Terran Warship Avenger
Rank: Colonel
Spouse(s): none
Children: none
Mother: Rebecca Hawk (deceased)
Father: Jeremy Hawk (deceased)

David Hawk was the mirror universe counterpart of Captain David Hawk of the starship USS Artemis. (Star Trek: Artemis)


Hawk was born on August 3, 2342 in Boise, Idaho, on planet Earth. He was immediately sent to a slave colony. Eventually, he was on Terok Nor as a slave. When the Terran Rebellion freed Terok Nor, he joined them, eventually rising to the rank of Colonel and placed in the command of the Terran Warship Avenger.

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