Dave Doss was a Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Poseidon-A as an Operations Officer, having worked his way up the ranks with hard work and solid leadership skills. (Star Trek: Poseidon (RPG))

Early lifeEdit

Dave was born and raised in the Gusev Crater Colony on Mars in the Sol system. At a young age Dave had a knack for electronic equipment - specifically computers and holograms. He once blanketed his colony in holographic snow by tapping into the weather monitoring satellites.

Dave joined Starfleet Academy despite his father's wishes. Partly for the excitement of adventure, and partly to escape his ex-girlfriend, Alyce Silverlight, who followed him a year later.

Academy daysEdit

During the Kobayashi Maru training mission with a command cadet, Dave attempted to access the Klingon ships computer systems. He would have succeeded if given 30 more seconds. He was awarded his commendation.

In his senior year, he designed an advance tactical simulation that won him the Dr. Zimmerman Award and a 6 month apprenticeship with Dr. Zimmerman aboard the Jupiter Station. They developed a somewhat close friendship. Dr. Zimmerman recognized Dave's holo talent.

The last 6 months of his Senior year at the Academy, Dave accepted a post on Starbase 11 as part of the Academy's Field-work Program. There he met and befriended a Caitian named Banana and a Gorn named Tarag, both cadets. Together, the three foiled a plot to take the starbase using holograms.

After his field work ended, Dave was assigned to the Poseidon-A along with his friend Banana.

Starfleet careerEdit

During his service aboard the Poseidon-A, Dave quickly climbed the ranks to Lt. He was temporarily assigned to Starbase 11 when a hostile alien force named the Hur'q threatened to invade. There, he assisted the starbase in fitting it with shielding that could protect the starbase from the alien weapons. During an attack, Lt. Doss was possessed by one of these creatures. His actions went unnoticed as it was found that during this time he killed Lt. Jg. Sara Hartfield in an explosion. Later he worked with Lt. Jg. Jarok and constructed a bomb that was originally designed to defeat the hur'q. Instead he altered it to release them. Before anyone could realize that Lt. Doss was indeed possessed, he had already escaped and released the hur'q fleet.

Lt. Doss spent the next month as Commander of the hur'q, K'zah and led the assault on Starbase 11, resulting in it's destruction. When the hur'q were defeated, K'zah led an assault on the USS Poseidon, intending to capture it. The parasite was thwarted by Lt. Doss himself and the hur'q were killed.

Following the incident, Lt. Doss spent 4 months in Starfleet psychiatric undergoing treatments for Schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Identity Disorder, and Bipolar disorder. He was released 4 months later as ordered by Dr. Lawrence Baird.

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