Daum 5 was a planet colonised by the United Federation of Planets. The colonists named the planet after Christoph Daum , a famous German soccer coach. Most parts of the planet are covered by Ice. The colonists placed some mirrors in the planetary orbit to melt the ice. In the city built by the colonists , there is a big , golden statue of Thomas Rath, the founder of the Colognefighters TNG. This statue becomes decorated with flowers every year. The city of the colonists is also connected to a space dock via an orbital elevator. Admiral Rene Michael has a villa on the planet and started to live there after the Maquis mission in 2370. Although, most of the surface of the planet has got a very low temperature, there were some native animal species on the planet, e.g. a species of 3 headed snakes. (Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity)


  • SSJKamui got the Idea to name this planet "Daum 5" from the planet middle finger mentioned in the book The Forever War. (The name "Daum" comes from the German word "daumen", which means thumb.)
  • The flower decoration of the statue of Thomas Rath is inspired by the flower decoration of the statue of the former Hawaiian king Kamehameha.
  • The 3 headed snakes were inspired by Flash Gordon.
  • The Orbital Elevator was inspired by the orbital elevator of Fifth Jerusalem in Xenosaga.

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