Dariush Khoroushi (Farsi: داریوش خروشی), nicknamed "Dari", was a human male active as a Federation Starfleet officer cadet in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)

Biography Edit

Dariush was the youngest sibling of Lieutenant Commander Jaleh Khoroushi. Firuzeh Khoroushi was his twin sister, about eight minutes older.

In 2410 Dariush was a third-year cadet at Starfleet Academy, majoring in astrophysics. He was to graduate in 2411, but lost his left leg below the knee when the Iconians bombed San Francisco late in the Iconian War, and most of his classmates were killed.

After the war, he recuperated at the family home in Shahediyeh, Iran, and was there when Jaleh visited home with her Romulan coworker Tovan tr'Khev. ("Mhirrafv Terrhai, Part II")