In the mirror universe, Dante McTiese was a former chief engineer on the ISS Arcadia. Croi Tae'rshan appointed him to replace Wildberry following an "accident" that befell the latter in Engineering.

McTiese originally served aboard the ISS Feral. During the Terran rebellion he operated with resistance cells based in the Qualor system. He had experience with quantum energy systems and reportedly commandeered a Romulan warbird during the rebellion. He was described as a dark, "solid imposing figure of a man, with long thick black hair". Stephen April noted that he may have been Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or part Arabic, despite lack of habitation in those regions on Earth for decades.

McTiese arrived on the Arcadia following a transfer via the ISS Sato. Following the siege of Khitomer, he continuously harassed and tormented a member of the Arcadia's assault team, Shran ch'Rothress. Their rivalry ended with Shran executing McTiese and usurping his position. Shran hung McTiese's corpse from the warp core in a transparent tomb as a "trophy", a warning to others who attempted to assassinate him. During the Richtor insurgency of 2385, a half-Dopterian, Ishrii'n, shot down the entombed corpse. Following the insurgency, Ishrii'n's corpse took its place. (Star Trek: New Empire)

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